Frosty Morning

Morning sunlight through willows

Our first hard frost came, as predicted, last Saturday morning.  And it was a hard, killing frost.  Even my marigolds met their demise.  Capturing the look of the frost isn’t always easy, but this year’s first frost was very heavy and I managed to capture it the way it looked to me.

Frost on raspberry bushes, etc.

Frost on Rose Rugosa hedge (in background)

As you can see in the previous photo and the next, we’re already preparing for winter with fencing wrapped around certain trees and plants that the “critters” like — rabbits and deer, especially.

Frosty yard and hedge

As chilly as it was in the early morning (20º F at 6:00 AM), the day warmed and was a a beautiful autumn  day, in the end.


3 responses to “Frosty Morning

  1. BRRRRRRRRRR, Donna! It’s beautiful, but I know I’d be shivering in the cottage, so I guess I’m glad I’m not there! Thanks for the reminder———Peggy

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