A Brighter Day

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchids are mysterious and glorious plants and brighten even a dark and dreary day!  I received a beautiful yellow one for my birthday last spring and it bloomed for at least three months.  About that same time, a small orchid plant that I’d brought over from my mother’s house when she was hospitalized earlier, decided to bloom, a wonderful surprise.  It had just three blossoms, but they lasted for more than six months.

Phalaenopsis and bud

One day last week, we had to make a foray to Home Depot in Dewitt, New York, to pick up a replacement window.  While my husband did his business, I found the house plants.  Big mistake!   Among the usual green plants and African violets, I also found gorgeous Phalaenopsis Orchid plants with two tall stems of flowers, for only $10.00 each.   After much debate about color and which looked to be the freshest, I came home with my choice.

Another angle of view, Phalaenopsis Orchid

Not only is my new purchase lovely and a bright spot on even a dreary day, but it is also one more subject for my camera.  A morning or two later, I noted bright morning sunlight coming in the dining room window near the new orchid, gathered camera and a reflector to direct the sunlight and some of these photos I share here today are the result.

Phalaenopsis, close-up, 50mm lens

The last two, both “macro,” needed a bit of flash help and were taken just this morning.  I hope you enjoy these bits of color and they bring you bit of pleasure, too.

Macro, closer still — 50mm lens plus 1.4 teleconverter

As always, click on photos to enter a larger view.

More info on Phalaenopsis Orchids


6 responses to “A Brighter Day

  1. Such beauty!  Thank you.   

  2. Beautiful orchid pics. The photos- very nice. By perusing your blog, I learned that sweet potatoes will grow in the north, Here I am deep in central Texas thinking that sweet potatoes only grow in the south/southwest. I intend to subscribe if I can find the button space for it.

    • Thanks for looking around my blog and for commenting!

      Yes, sweet potatoes will grow in the north if you plant ones with short growing time. As you could see in my photos, they can grow quite large, too.

      You should find the “follow” button at the top of the page, just to the right of “clover’s pages” (the small buttons at the very top).

  3. I think orchids are one of the most interesting flowers, which makes them great photographic subjects.

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