Harvest Time

My husband spends a lot of time planning for, planting, and caring for “his” garden each year.  For several years, now, he’s added sweet potatoes to his line-up of plantings, and they usually do quite well.  We were both afraid we wouldn’t have much of a crop this year, though, due to the drought conditions throughout  much of the growing season.

Sweet potato plants, one month after planting.

When the plants arrived in late May, they looked (as usual) like dried up useless roots.  But relying on faith (and the instructions accompanying the plants), he planted them carefully in  mounds of soil covered with plastic.  The plastic helps to keep the weeds down, plus it conserves moisture.

Hands full of sweet potatoes

A few hills into digging the “fruits of his labor,” he came to the window to show me his find!

Partially dug hill of sweet potatoes

A dug out hill of the potatoes always reminds me of fingers laying in the ground!

Part of the sweet potato harvest

We weighed one of the larger potatoes today, the one in front of the potato fork, and it weighted two pounds, two ounces on my kitchen scale. At 99¢ per pound at the grocery store right now, that potato is almost “priceless!”

Just to give you an idea of size!

After digging, the sweet potatoes need to be stored for at least ten days to give the sugars a chance to develop.  The first year he planted them, we didn’t know this and were very disappointed by the lack of flavor of the first we cooked!  We’ve waited a few days longer than the required ten, and will have to dig in tonight!


6 responses to “Harvest Time

  1. A bountiful harvest for you to enjoy!   

  2. Great job on presenting and thumbs up for the gardener!

  3. Sweet potatoes, yum! 🙂

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