Golden Goodbye


September 22, 2012, was the first day of autumn here in the United States – end of summer and its long warm/hot days, green grass, vacations,  all those things we associate with the season.  The transition into fall sometimes comes slowly, sometimes all at once.  This year, it seems gradual.  Nights have cooled down and the days have gotten shorter.

After supper Saturday, the rains that made the early day damp and overcast had cleared and low sunshine was hitting the tops of some trees to the east.

Low sun on treetops

Our summer has been quite dry, so Saturday’s rainy weather was a welcome treat.  As the sun began setting, our skies turned a rich golden hue (see opening panorama image, a three-photo image stitched in Photoshop CS3).  I took several photos, satisfied I’d captured it quite well, and turned around to go back into my house.  I wasn’t paying much attention to anything around me, but something made me look up from inspecting the photos I’d taken on the camera’s view screen.  SURPRISE!  Now, opposite the sun setting in the west, was a rainbow.  Up went the camera again to try and capture this infrequent sight.


Viewing all the photos later on my computer, I was even more surprised to find I’d captured several views of a double rainbow as well.

Double Rainbow

Unexpected gifts are always the best!

Note: Photos are best viewed by clicking to open larger.


10 responses to “Golden Goodbye

  1. That s why it is important to believe in magic…;)

  2. How nice Donna.  Rainbows with an orange backdrop are very rare.  Another prize winner.  Thanks for sharing. Olin  

  3. The nature is truly amazing! Love these photos. They have healing effect. 🙂

  4. A double promise from the sky! How cool!

  5. great capture of the double rainbow!!

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