Summer, Etc.

It seems as though summer is pretty much over (officially over today), and I’ve only mentioned a few of my favorite seasonal things in my posts.  So today, I have odds and ends of summer things to share with you.

Summer’s view across my backyard.

Queen Ann’s Lace (aka wild carrot) keeps on flowering.

Queen Ann’s Lace

Alongside the fresh flowers, are some blossoms already drying on their stems.

Queen Ann’s Lace, matured and drying

Most of our summer was very dry, even in drought.  Just a small shower became noteworthy!

Raindrops on Hosta

Despite our lack of rain, we had a small harvest of peaches.  They were delicious!

Peach ready to pick.
Peaches, ripening

Just a few days ago, I saw this fellow enjoying a delicious  feast.

Bumble bee on Butterfly bush

Bumble bee, feasting.

As I look back on summer and some of the photos I’ve taken, I feel it’s been a great season.  It’s always sad to move into fall, but  we move on, as always!

Clouds tinged with sunset;s glow.

6 responses to “Summer, Etc.

  1. I am so impressed with your artistic eye and the sense of deep authenticity in the comments accompanying these photos. Here is a wonderful poem, by an equally wonderful poet, Philip Larkin, that your photos of Queen Anne’s Lace reminded me of:

    Cut Grass

    Cut grass lies frail:
    Brief is the breath
    Mown stalks exhale.
    Long, long the death

    It dies in the white hours
    Of young-leafed June
    With chestnut flowers,
    With hedges snowlike strewn,

    White lilac bowed,
    Lost lanes of Queen Anne’s lace
    And that high-builded cloud
    Moving at summer’s pace.

    (3 June 1971 from the collect “High Windows”)


    • Thank you, Steve, for both your comments and the lovely Larkin poem. I wasn’t familiar with this one; I enjoyed it and I will add it to my collection of poems I enjoy over and over again!

  2. Charlton Estate Trust

    Great photography, Well Done!

  3. Donna,
    Your photo montage for summer is excellent. For some reason, I like the one of the drying Queen Anne’s Lace. I think it has more texture and boldness in contrast to the delicate little flowers that it’s been. I like Steve’s Larkin poem as a follow-up too!


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