Remember (those of my readers in the U.S.A. may, especially) the astronomer, Carl Sagan. and his two TV series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, and, Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey?  They were produced in the 1980’s and I remember Mr. Sagan’s deep, distinctive, mesmerizing voice more than anything of his series’ information after all these years.  He introduced us to all sorts of wonders of the universe that we’d never heard of before.

Lavender Cosmos

In recent years, I’ve been introduced to the annual flower, Cosmos, by an advertisement for some gardening product that included a packet of flower seeds of that same name.  At the proper time, I planted, watered, weeded, etc., till the tiny frail-looking plantlets sprouted and grew tall, with fine, fern-like leaves.  Not only were they pretty in hues of lavender, pink, maroon, and an occasional white, but were popular with the visiting hummingbirds and butterflies.

Deep Red, in Sunshine

The last two years have been difficult growing seasons.  Last year, the seeds I planted were watched with anticipation, but never grew.  It was like missing a visit from a close friend.  But this year I planted two packages, two varieties, watered frequently because of our drought situation, and finally I’m enjoying their beauty once again.  They are later than they should be and may not see visiting hummers or butterflies (it’s time for hummingbirds to migrate south already), but I am drinking in the few blooms that are open and, of course, have teased my camera with them a few times.

Maroon in Late Day Sunshine

The spritely blossoms with the name Cosmos remind me of those series that were so unique in the 80’s.  Mr. Sagan was a professor of astronomy at Cornell University, which is here in New York State.  He taught me to reach for the stars with his outlook of the universe.  My Cosmos flowers have taught me to appreciate beauty in the smallest things here on earth.

New this Year: Seashells Cosmos

Sources:  About Carl Sagan and his programs
About the Cosmos FLOWER

5 responses to “Cosmos

  1. Beautiful photos and comments, Donna. Thank you! Peggy

    On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 7:31 PM, Clover’s pages

  2. Beautiful creation of God!

  3. i mean from Mother Nature 😀

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