Just recently, I wrote about Yellow Jewelweed; the yellow variety is very prolific, quite common and easy to find.

We usually have a bush of its relative, the orange-spotted jewelweed, in a different area of our yard, but it wasn’t growing in its normal space this year.  So I asked my husband to be on the lookout for the orange variety.

Orange Jewelweed in Morning Sunshine

A few days later, he came into the house while I was still drinking my morning coffee (he’s an earlier riser than I), and told me he’d found some in bloom, and it was behind some trees near the edge of our yard, on their sunny side (hiding from quick view).

Orange-Spotted Jewelweed,  side view

So, I dashed off to dress, grabbed my camera, and walked out through the dewy grass for photos .  As you may know, shooting into the sun isn’t the best way to work, but sometimes you have to in order to get the shots!

Orange Jewelweed, dancing in the breeze

Another common name for jewelweed is “Touch-Me-Not,” because when you touch the see pods that form on the plant, they will pop, literally explode, in your fingers! It’s an amazing sensation the first few times you experience it, like something alive, squirming in your fingers, then POOF, it explodes, seeds flying everywhere!  I never thought to try it myself, although my kids loved doing it, till last summer, and then had to play with the pods every time I went near them the rest of the season.

Orange Jewelweed glows in early morning sun!

More about Orange Jewelweed.


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