Quiet Weekend

Since this is a holiday weekend, I imagine a lot of people are away, getting in their last vacation time for the summer.  My camera club met Saturday, and I was surprised that we had several members show up.  I guess that’s a sign that the club is doing something right now (after reorganizing a few months ago), and people are enjoying being there for meetings!


Summer is an exciting season!  We actually have some tomatoes this year.  Two summers previous, our tomatoes have fallen prey to a blight or virus that rotted them off before the fruit ripened.  This year had to be different.  Can you imagine two summers in a row without at least one BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich)?  Summer just isn’t summer without a meal or two of them.

Gathering Ingredients

Today we made chili sauce.  Last time we made it was 2008!  There is still a package or two in the freezer, but not enough to last another year, so I’m so glad to be able to cook some today.  I wish I could share the smells in the house today:  onions and peppers chopped and added to the simmering tomatoes.  Once those heated up, the new blended odors took over, so fragrant.


After more cooking, pickling spices were added to the mix, and then the mouth really begins to drool.  As it thickens, vinegar gets added, then you begin to “pucker” up a bit.  It’s all worth it, in the end, to have the delicious results to add to hamburgers or cube steaks or Italian sausage, along with a dash of horseradish.


The afternoon  progressed with stirring, stirring, and more stirring, and the sauce will soon be thick enough to cool and package for the freezer.  I gave up canning anything I do not have to can a few years ago.  Many things freeze well and much less work involved.  The original author of Ball Blue Book, A Guide to Home Canning and Freezing (where I found the recipe years ago) is probably “rolling over in his/her grave!”

I suppose this means summer is over, fall is upon us, even more than celebrating Labor Day (here in the U.S.A.).

Care for a sample?

Have a taste!


4 responses to “Quiet Weekend

  1. My mouth is watering!   

  2. My mom used to make chili sauce and can it, before she started using freezers much. The closest thing available commercially today is probably picante sauce, but it’s not as good! I like pico de gallo better, which is made from fresh tomato, onion, and peppers, chopped up but not cooked.

    • I have another recipe for “club sauce” that might be the one your Mother used; it came from my grandmother but might have you Mom’s too. A simpler sauce, no spices but the onions and other natural things; it doesn’t take as long to prepare or cook. Haven’t made that one in a long time.

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