Yellow Jewwelweed

The last few weeks of summer seem busier than ever, for some reason!  Who said life slows down when you are retired?  They are definitely wrong.

Jewelweed, side view

I have taken time for photographing what I can before the summer passes by, and one evening last week, I attached the ring flash to my camera and went in search of jewelweed, a sure sign that autumn is coming!

Jewelweed, blossom and bud

These little flowers, of the Impatiens family, are so dainty on their tender green stems, but useful in many ways if you  are interested in natural remedies:  it will help cure poison ivy, poison oak, stinging nettles, and itching from many causes.  A poultice of jewelweed will help cuts, eczema, insect bites, even warts and ringworm (according to claims)!

Jewelweed, blossom and bud

See:  jewelweed for more information.

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