Early Fall

In some of my earlier posts I included comments about things around me that seemed to be changing, evolving just during the past few years, especially plants that now bloom earlier in the year.  Summer is still going strong here in New York State, but now I am noticing things are maturing, ending their year’s growth cycle early, even before the end of August.

The chives and sage plants I wrote about in Changes    bloomed so early that they have started new growth and even some new blossom buds are starting on the chives.

I’ve been photographing frequently in my yard, and have realized that the milkweed is already showing signs of being in its fall stages.  The early blooms have turned into very mature pods, almost ready to dry and burst into feathers floating in the breeze.

Milkweed, June 25, 2012
Milkweed, small pods started, July 11, 2012
Milkweed, Pods growing bigger, July 26, 2012
Milkweed Maturing, August 8, 2012

Pine Cone, under tree

Pine cones (above and below) are always a sure sign of fall.  One of fall’s pleasures is seeing them lying on a bed of dried needles under the big pine trees at the edges of our yard.  I found these already dropped from their trees on July 22 (2012!).

Pine Cone, in Leaf Litter

A weather forecast on an internet site the other day, told that there might be an early, hard winter.  I’m hoping that prediction is wrong.  I do not want to see snow on the pumpkins before they are done growing in the garden!


2 responses to “Early Fall

  1. We had an extremely hot and dry summer. I’m sure this is the cause of nature’s unpredictability. I’m in Queens and was traveling to Brooklyn during the month of July. The first week of August I noticed that the corn in the people’s yards were only about 3-4 feet high. There were no corns on the stalks. That is unusual. I remember my grandmother would have plenty of corn, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes at this time of year.

    Remember we didn’t have a winter last year.

    • We’ve had a very dry summer, and the sweet corn my husband planted did not fill out properly (nor grow tall as it should have0, and today he tilled it all under for green compost.

      I’m sure your are right about this being. om [art. die to the lack of snow last winter, and hope it is more normal this winter. Thanks for your comments. silentlyheardonce !

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