Flower of the Day 2

One of my favorite flowers (is any flower not a favorite?) is the hollyhock —  The flower from  English gardens, from my great-grandmother’s garden as well.  I remember seeing them around her sun porch in the summer, standing tall, waving in the gentle breeze.

Pink Hollyhock

A friend shared some small hollyhock plants with me a few years ago.  They were all red when they bloomed the first time.  Since then, they have evolved into several colors.  Most years the flowers are quite large, but with our very dry summer, the flowers are much smaller this year.

White Hollyhock

This summer I do not have any red hollyhocks blooming; this is from another year.

Red Hollyhock

A red hollyhock inspired this poem:

hollyhock stalk: kist

fiery crepe-paper trumpets

peer beneath green hands

weave in unheard summer beat

pollen drips

4 responses to “Flower of the Day 2

  1. I miss hollyhocks, they are not growing very well in this area, Beautiful pictures 🙂

  2. I love hollyhocks, have a few potted plants on my deck. Very pretty to eat by and enjoy looking at when just hanging out relaxing too.

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