Quee Anne’s Lace

A few weeks ago, I shared a bud of one of the Queen Anne’s Lace flowers, and I promised one of my followers I would post photos of the flowers after they opened.  Our weather has been very dry, hotter than usual quite often, too.  These flowers don’t look as nice as some years, but I wanted to keep my promise.  In good years, they are brighter white and do not have the black (seed?) in the center.

Queen Anne’s Lace

As you can tell, sometimes the heads of these flowers are flat, sometimes rounded.  They always have this lacy look, and are fun to see.


3 responses to “Quee Anne’s Lace

  1. I LOVE them. Your posts are the first ones I have seen in at least thirty years. During my childhood in NC, we saw them all the time. We picked them and absolutely loved them. Thank you for posting these. They look wonderful to me. Usually I saw the flat ones, but I really like the mounded one a lot. I enjoyed these.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed my photos of the Queen Anne’s Lace flowers. They may be weeds, but I’ve allowed some to grow right among my plantings so I can enjoy them easily!

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