Flower of the Day

Brown-Eyed Susan (or some call it Black-Eyed Susan), standing tall in June sunshine.

Brown-Eyed Susan

8 responses to “Flower of the Day

  1. Ok, that MACRO background is awesome, the header for your blog. are you now into photographing bacteria with a miscroscopy? Tell us what the subject is……its wonderful in any event. I like your interesting timely tour of the garden as the seasons develop and enrich, and time passes in colors.cool!

    • No, I haven’t been using a microscope for my photography, but I did take a picture of plain old green beans and used a kaleidescope filter in photoshop to make something else!
      Thanks for your comments, Rachael; the plants are being very cooperative and happy in this great weather we’ve had.

  2. Nice job with composition. Brown eyed Susans make me think of the song, Brown Eyed Girl. It is just the way my brain works!

  3. Ah ha, that was what it was. Well it was great. I have used an actual kaleidoscope held up to my camera lens. It was fun and created interesting pix.

  4. Oh, this is so beautiful. Macro world opens up my eyes!^^

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