A lot of flowers come in pink, and although pink is not one of my favorite colors in general, one of my prized house plants is pink.  My orchid cactus, an Epiphyllum, is just blooming, a bit later than usual.  The plant is several years old, very big, and recently needed re-potting.  I debated whether to disturb it at the time when it should be setting blooms, but went ahead while I had the urge to do it, since I’d put it off for a couple of years.  Being large to begin with, when I was finished, I could barely lift it to carry it back to its usual window.  Even with my insolence in doing the re-potting, the plant went ahead and produced some buds, not as many as some years, but they are a welcome sight for the eyes and for the camera!  And so, here are some photos for your pleasure.

Orchid Cactus, partial plant

Orchid Cactus, close–up

Orchid Cactus, macro

More information on  Epiphyllums see:


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