Have you noticed that things seem to be changing, almost evolving before our very eyes?  When I was still in school, many years ago, one of my simple summer pleasures was spending time wandering the woods and pastures on my parents’ land.  I meandered down by the creek, followed cow paths, and knew where to find wild flowers in the spring, berries in summer, wintergreen berries in the fall – things in season.


Now I’m noticing that some things seem to be available at different times than fifty years ago.  The violets that a relative gave me to plant a few years ago bloomed at their usual time, but the wild forget-me-nots that I remember blossoming in the hot summer sun of my youth were blooming at the same time.


This past weekend, I was on a photography shoot with my camera club, and I noticed buttercups flowering – another delightful flower from my summer wanderings.  One more earlier-bloomer is my lilacs; late May used to be their time, but now they are all done with flowering by the middle of the month.

Plants like daisies and brown-eyed-Susan also seem to bloom much earlier than the late summer I remember.  The plus of that is that they seem to bloom for a long time, too, so how much fun is that?

Today, I noticed that my chives are in full bloom, and the sage plant by the back door is budded (herbs).  So I guess it’s time to plan tonight’s supper and add some fresh flavor from the garden!

Chives in bloom

Sage with Buds

Would love to have your comments on this – what is your experience?


13 responses to “Changes

  1. this is my first summer in the US. never thought it would be hotter than in Indonesia. great to see flowers blooming sooner than they re used to, don’t you think? 😉 my baby tomatoes and chillies are growing faster too. but, the purple irish seems to have done blooming 😦

  2. You take lovely photos.

  3. You and your camera find beauty in even the tiniest things. I think that our unusual winter and very early spring has had an effect on all the flowers this year. Next year it may be entirely different again.

  4. Hi,
    Lovely photos, and it is wonderful when you can pick something from your own garden and use it for cooking, you just can’t get any fresher than that. 🙂

  5. Thank you, magsx2 . Yes, it is great to go out to the garden for fresh herbs and foods this time of year!

  6. Yes dj, nice job and ive noticed too, that timing, besides on my blog, seems a bit earlier. The robins look like real birds now and the clumbines are almost finished, flowers i thought bloomed on cliffs mid summer, usually observed from the seat if my rowboat in July, not May

    • So the robins look like birds now, not squirmy mice? 🙂 They look more like rodents when first hatched.

      Thanks for your comments, Rachael!

  7. I have some sage essential oil in my house and I like the scent as it makes me happy. 😀

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