After surviving all these many years, one begins to think you know all there is to know, that you are too old to learn, or there just isn’t anything new to learn.  I try not to think that way about myself, and yesterday I proved the value of an open mind — I found something entirely new to me!  Actually, I must credit my husband with the find, but it was new to him, too.

We have a couple Scotch pine trees in our yard; one is 35 or so years old, the other a few years younger.  While working in the yard, my husband noticed something unusual on the ends of some of the lower branches.  Usually, this is what we see this time of year.

Scotch Pine Tip

But this is what we found on one of the trees yesterday.

Scotch Pine Blossom

An online friend has identified this as the  blossom.  I suppose they do not last very long, but I’ll have to check that fact out as the days pass.

Yesterday was indeed a day of discovery!


16 responses to “Discovery

  1. We learn something every day. Even if it’s to bend our head so we don’t bump it again when we walk through the door.

  2. Learning is an on-going experience, don’t you think? Thanks for your comments, silentlyheardonce .

  3. Your discovery is new to me also. I have never seen that blossom. Are there more than one on your tree or is it being scotch with its flowers?

    • Olin, there were several of these blossoms, all near the bottom of the tree. Nothing quite “scotch” about that! 🙂 It was a unique find (for me), I just had to share. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Yes, they re flowers and male ones at that. Soon there will be clouds of pollen from them and eventually cones with seeds. Lucky find!

  5. Hi,
    Very unusual, and they certainly add colour to the plant, very nice. 🙂
    I find I am always learning new things, there are just so many wonders in our world, it really does amaze me. 😀

  6. A lovely gift from the Universe.

  7. A beautiful find. It looks like Christmas in May.

  8. Tryly amazing! 😀

  9. At a lecture by a botanist once, he told us that every plant blooms.
    Nice photos of the aromatic Scotch Pine & its flower…

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