Skies and the “Super Moon”

Saturday’s impending big event — the “super moon”– had me out the door after supper to see if the sky was going to be cooperative.  Even if the moon was lost to clouds, I wanted to have something to remember the day.

Late Day Sky/Clouds

Day is Done

Later, I headed back outside to see if I could capture that special moon, and managed to get some shots.

Super Moon

days slip by unheeded

till sun glows from western sky

time passes, too soon over


23 responses to “Skies and the “Super Moon”

  1. Beautiful pictures and words. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Francis!

  3. Hi,
    Very nice photos, and that moon was spectacular.

  4. Reblogged this on Niltsi's Spirit and commented:

    Wonderful pictures and the poem only complete the moment

  5. Maybe it’s the Girl Scout i me, but I especially enjoyed Day is Done.

    • Naomi — I was never in the Girl Scouts, but all my girls were and I remember them learning “Day is Done.” Until you commented, I hadn’t thought about it being a song title! I’m glad you reminded me.

  6. Very nice. I invite you to visit my blog

  7. You have captured the tale with your photos and Haiku.

  8. What a wonderful set of the sky! Brilliant! 😀

  9. These are beautiful. The last one is stunning! Love the poetry as well. 😀

  10. Love the series of pictures, closing with the moon and poem. Your sucessful efforts being enjoyed.

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