Yellow is the color of warmth, sunshine, and cheer.  Bright yellow is used for danger warnings on signs, clothing, and emergency vehicles.  Pale yellow makes you think of butter, yummy lemon cookies, creamy vanilla pudding, and bananas.

Yellow can mean cowardice and sometimes is symbolic for mourning or death, and can also represent courage or peace.

Many flowers come in shades of yellow, e.g. goldenrod, tulips, and dandelions.  For some reason, I never think of yellow when I think of orchids.  Those I usually think of in terms of lavender, white, or purple.  I’ve probably seen yellow orchids many times, but until I received a gift recently of a yellow Phalaenopsis, they just didn’t stick in my mind as ever coming in yellow!

This new addition to my collection of house plants is very cheery and sunny, and exudes the warmth of spring sunshine even on a dreary rainy day.


12 responses to “Yellow

  1. Hi,
    I agree, I think yellow always brightens up an area in the garden, and also looks lovely inside as well.
    Really a very pretty flower, and very nice photos as well.

  2. Love the colour Yellow. Brings warm . Beautiful plant Clover

  3. Beautiful orchid and I like your comments about all the shades of yellow!

  4. Thanks for a bit of sunshine on a drizzely day!

  5. Beautiful pictures of those wonderful flowers. For me yellow is always the color of sunshine and hope, the positive view of colors. 🙂

  6. Very beautiful and you’ve captured them perfectly. 😀

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