Sights of Spring

Peaceful Flowing Water

There are many sights and sounds of spring, of course:  birds migrating, then settling down to sing spring’s praise, the peepers chorus in the night (and sometimes even in daytime), just to identify a couple.

At the edge of our yard, we have a small stream created by drainage from behind us where there are woods and a swampy area.  It’s a lovely, natural spot that I find myself returning to time and time again to just enjoy the sights and sounds.  Flowing water is soothing to the soul, the mind, and the eyes.  I cannot share the sounds with you, but hope you will enjoy these early spring scenes.

Moving Along

Mosses on Fallen Tree

Nature Reclaims Itself


12 responses to “Sights of Spring

  1. Its amazing how Spring starts to take over in small places and then suddenly you come back and it’s a whole different world!

  2. So true, peace found in the natural world

  3. Hi,
    Great photos, I also love the sound of a running stream always very relaxing. You certainly do have a lovely spot to go to and relax.

  4. Yes Clover. Beautiful photos of life renewing itself. Love the soft texture of the moss.

  5. Thank you for stoping by, Sara!

  6. Beauty can be found very close to home most of the time. Those pictures are a proof.

  7. You are so right, Francis. Thank you for your comments.

  8. Northern Narratives

    Nice photos.

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