Some of my early spring daffodils, earlier than usual this year with the warm weather we had for part of March. I picked this little bouquet the other day, then our weather forecast predicted (and was right) a heavy frost last night and I wondered if the rest of the flowers would still be bright and cheery in the flower bed today; they were.Β  One more hard frost warning for tonight, and I hope they survive another night.


13 responses to “Daffodils

  1. Hi,
    They are gorgeous, so bright and cheery. πŸ™‚

  2. Thank yo, magsx2. πŸ™‚

  3. Really beautiful. Daffodils are quite hardy. I have one that sprang up early this Spring a couple weeks ago and it is still going strong through the couple of cold days we had. They are beautiful flowers. Love your photo.

  4. I guess that daffodils are tough. Nice photo! My star magnolia tree was gorgeous the day before the freeze. Next morning every blossom was brown looking like fall. I grieved until I thought of the loss the apple growers experienced.

    • Thank you for visiting and commenting, Olin! So sad to see the blooms freeze like your did, but you are right — the apple growers will be in a bind if they’ve lost their apple blossoms.

  5. Hello, Clover. I just nominated you for the ” Very Inspiring Blogger award’! If you accept follow this link. Enjoy, Laz! http://laviebohemeart.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/award/#comments

  6. Just heavenly Clover. The composition is beautiful.

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