Have you ever hear that term, tripoding?  Probably not.  It’s a term used by a relative one year when she wrote a poem about my method of shooting spring’s low-growing flowers.  It involves me lying on the ground, flat out, holding camera up with elbows on ground.  Tripoding.  Since I do not have a camera with a flip-out screen, it’s the only way I can get low enough to take some of my pictures of shorter flowers.

Christmas Rose- partly open

Christmas Rose

And so, spring has arrived, and I have once again been using my tripoding method.  If nothing else, it’s good exercise!

(This is for size comparison to my index finger)

Note: tripoding does have a medical usage: HERE


13 responses to “Tripoding

  1. beautiful.. Well I do the same thing, jajajaja. I have a post called, my Spring, check the flowers out, I had to get on the floor as well! Yet I love it!!!

    • You’ve just got to remember to put on some old clothes; the “floor” is rather damp, sometimes muddy, this time of year!

      I will check out your Spring post..

  2. Just LOVE your yellow Daffodils. especially the ‘group’ photo. And the angle from which you shot them, is very admirable 🙂 Tripoding? Mmmm, is that what you call it? If I do that, I will have at least four dogs thinking I want to play with them. By the way I do have a camera with a swivel screen but what I love even more is the ability to enlarge a scene in Live View to make manual focusing possible (given my eyesight issues).

    • Ria, I’d forgotten about your eyesight problems. Sometimes we get caught up in our own problems, thoughts, too much, I suppose. Thank you for your comments. Maybe you’ll have to leave the dogs inside while you shoot those low flowers. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Well it obviously works, because the photos are fantastic. very nice indeed. 🙂

  4. magsx2 — thank you for stopping and looking! I appreciate your comments.

  5. Well, now I have a name for what I do. I didn’t realize it was an actual method. LOL! Your photos are beautiful.

  6. Oh I do enjoy seeing your spring flowers , especially the daffodils. I love them but they dont love me. I have to admire them from afar, safer on someones excellent photos . Beautiful series.

  7. Here’s the poem that was referred to earlier:
    For Donna

    Old Clothes

    old clothes
    don’t care
    if I lie prone
    elbows tripoding
    to take pictures
    of daffodils
    and bees

    old clothes
    don’t care
    if I skootch
    to get just the right
    shot of
    and clouds

    old clothes
    don’t care
    if I push up
    my shirt
    belly scratching
    to spin images
    on their side
    or upside down

    old clothes
    don’t care
    when I get
    it all just right

    ©Bertha Wise

  8. Thanks for posting the poem, Bertha.

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