Our winter, so far, has been strange, unlike anything I can remember in all my vast years. When we do get wintry weather, it hasn’t lasted; snow melts immediately or within a day or two, so we have none of the usual drifts or piles from the snowblower to melt when spring arrives. And spring may arrive at any moment. We have tips of green snowing on trees in our yard and I’ve heard some say that their spring flowers are budded. Luckily, mine seem to still be sleeping in their snug scrap of earth. I’m waiting patiently for their proper entrance to springtime!

Snow on Bird Feeder

forceful winds

house shudders

snaps     groans

sighs when calm returns

Recent Mini-Blizzard


11 responses to “Transformed

  1. Reblogged this on Niltsi's Spirit and commented:

    Winter, A symphony of snow.

  2. Thank you for reblogging my latest entry, Francis! I’m honored to be shared on your blog!

  3. these are very beautiful pictures.

    • Thank you ShimonZ. I appreciate you have taken time to look at my photos!

      • I looked at them because of Francis’ recommendation. I hadn’t seen your work before that… but I have already encountered things I like through Francis… I’ve worked all day, and it’s night now here in Jerusalem, and I’, listening to some good music by Art Pepper, and allowing myself to browse through blogs… rather carelessly, while having a few drinks. I liked the second one especially.

        • I’m glad you’re enjoying my attempts at blogging! I find it’s fun and relaxing, as well as creative, so I’m glad that you’re able to enjoy my work while you’re relaxing. Thank you.

          Mail from dj

  4. Very nice! Racheal sent me a link.

  5. Thanks for stopping, sallienaatz.

  6. Beautiful photos. I am eager for spring as well. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you visit again.


  7. Lovely photos Clover. Well its the same for us. Our Spring was rather wet and short. Summer has been dry and Autumn is coming upon us fast. I think we will get good colour this year. Will have to enjoy your Spring photos and dream of Spring again

  8. I’m glad to have you, Sara, and your, fgassette, stop by to visit my blog! Thanks!

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