Do you remember when you were sixteen?  The one thing I remember clearly is that desire to get my permit and learn to drive!   And that’s exactly what happened!  The day I turned sixteen, my Dad took me to the motor vehicle bureau to take the test (it was free in the 60’s) to get my permit.  Then on the way home, I had my first driving lesson.

I remember being very nervous behind the wheel, but I did know a bit about what to do since I had driven our old farm tractor occasionally.  It was not enough to have confidence in my ability behind the wheel, however.

As I began to get the feel of the road, he suddenly told me to STOP.  I did – on the proverbial dime.  It wasn’t a dangerous stop because there was no traffic on the quiet rural road we were on – he made sure of that.  But, there was a dozen eggs on the back seat that he had bought from someone he worked with.  Those eggs did not stop when the car did and got scrambled.  Luckily, he was very patient about my learning to drive and realized it was his own fault for not preparing me better.  I learned a valuable lesson that day about the need to stop as opposed to the need to STOP!

The memory of my first driving lesson was always a source of smiles between the two of us over the years.

My oldest granddaughter (born the year following my Dad’s passing) turns seventeen this week.  She’s now eager to save enough money to take her permit test (yes, it costs around $100 now; nothing free anymore).  I wish her safety and many pleasures behind the wheel and throughout her life ahead!  Happy birthday, Kristy.

Along the road, birds in flight looking for food.


4 responses to “Sixteen

  1. HI there! I’ve also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award cos I really enjoy your blog. Have a look at my post for details….

  2. Thank you, takingsnaps — I’m glad to have you view my blog!

  3. Very sweet post. You’re a good storyteller–it brought back memories of my own.

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