Searching the Sky

One day recently, we had some remarkable skies. I was up early enough that day, to see the day start with this lovely sky and sunlight brightening everything it touched.

Morning Glow

As the day passed to late afternoon, I noticed another kind of glow.

Late Afternoon

And then, as I was just putting the final touches on supper, I had to take a few minutes to finish this day off by capturing the last of the light.


It isn’t very often that one sees so much beauty in the same subject, all in the same day. I do enjoy the different moods of the sky.


7 responses to “Searching the Sky

  1. Great pictures, the colors are fantastic. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comments and for reblogging my post, SD!

  3. Beautiful moods!

  4. Thank you, eremophila ! Good to have you stop by and take time to comment!

  5. WOW! Very beautiful and inspiring.


  6. Thank you, fgassette! Your comments are encouraging.

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