Nasty Weather Today

Our weather forecast for today was foreboding, and actually quite correct. I awoke to the predicted sounds of wind howling around the chimney, and the day very dark even though after sunrise.  As the day progresses, snow is being blown by the wind, and after only a couple of hours, our bare garden area is thoroughly hidden; the grass is covered, but still has tips of green showing.

On days like this, there usually aren’t many birds around our feeders; they seem to have good instincts on weather conditions.  All of a sudden, long after their normal time to show up for morning snacks, a small group of  birds are here, on the feeders and the ground, to get what they can to eat and prepare for this nasty weather.  They leave as quickly as they came.

Feeding Time

I even notice a packed spot in the snow under the feeders where a squirrel has just rested to nibble his breakfast.  Looking around, I spot him scurrying across the yard heading back to his warm den.

Indentation in the Snow

I hope all creatures, large or small, human or wild, can find a warm, cozy corner in their world today and keep safe.


4 responses to “Nasty Weather Today

  1. You sure have some action around your bird feeders. It’s always nice to see. 🙂

  2. Our birds have been coming to the feeder in spurts today — in between wind gusts! Very blustery day.

  3. I don’t miss the snow storms, but it is fun to watch the birds and other wildlife scamper about for their food. While we are having rather mild weather here right now, I’ve noticed a pair of cardinals hanging around in my yard. The perch on the old apple tree that I can see from my office window. They blend in more right now, but if we get snow, those cardinals stand out a lot.

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