Over the years, I’ve found that mistakes are not always bad things!  My very first  DSLR camera had a little button on the back, very near where one would normally place your thumb.  I can’t begin to say how many times I accidentally pushed that little button.  The results were that, in  pushing that button, you were able to do a quick reset of one of the functions of the camera.  I wouldn’t realize that I’d hit the button and would find out later that the color of the lighting that the camera “saw” had been changed.  Most times it made for a terrible color in photos, but this one day, it turned into a rather dramatic mistake.

Summer Sunshine

I wonder if I could recreate this look on purpose?

6 responses to “Mistakes

  1. Mistakes are opportunities to look at something in an unexpected way.
    I love this blog! It is a wonderful photo journal. I think you have some prize winning shots in these pages, and poems hidden within your comments. Great job! Thanks for inviting me to drop in! Rachael aka writerraebeth

  2. Thanks for looking through my pages, Rachael, and for taking time to comment!

  3. As long as you can get that close with your camera, you can take pictures like the one here, which is excellent. One thing that makes it effective is that the objects in the background were far away enough and dark enough that they essentially disappeared, making the flower all the more prominent.

    Exposure can be tricky, so if your camera allows you to set it to overexpose and underexpose, it’s sometimes a good idea to take several pictures exposed differently in the hope that one of them will be to your liking.

    I’ve explained some other techniques at


  4. Wonderful and a beautiful mistake! True, mistakes are essential. 🙂

  5. Steve — thank you for your comments and suggestions! I’ll check out your website, too. Always looking for hints, new information, etc., to improve my photography.


  6. Thanks for looking, Nandini !


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