Sky Watching

I am a sky watcher!  Sometimes the sky is more beautiful than any other part of a scene!  It can make or break a photograph sometimes!  The photos in my previous post, Fall’s Beauty, show that the sky can be very moody; whatever the mood, they fascinate me.

Corn at sunset

puffy clouds/blue sky

Sometimes there is a pleasant surprise when you look up!  Has someone been playing tag in the sky?



4 responses to “Sky Watching

  1. Wonderful pictures. Love the puffy clouds cover, I never saw so many all at once. Those contrails could be originating from Detroit and Toronto, show the amount of air traffic in that area.

  2. Thanks for your comments, SD.

    I wonder sometimes (and dream) of where the planes have come from, where they’re going. We lived near a fairly big airport.

  3. THIS IS JUST AMAZING! A sky-gazer here! 🙂

  4. eunicerocksify — Thank you for looking and commenting; I’m glad you like my sky photos!

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