Spring’s Blue Sky

Yesterday was one of those spring days that was just about perfect: warm enough to open windows, sunny enough to brighten you, and showed off those amazing blue skies that you associate with spring!

An online friend has been giving me photography lessons and hints, and I was trying out something he suggested — how to use the infinity setting on my new lens to take pictures in manual mode.  I’m so pleased to find that I understand the method (mostly) and was out practicing it a bit yesterday .

This panorama is a series of four photos stitched together in an editing program.  No adjustments to the photos, only trimmed the finished panorama because I did it hand-held and the edges has some steps in them where i didn’t hold the camera at the exact same level.

(click on photo for larger view)

Thank you  Francis for all your help and for answering all my questions!


2 responses to “Spring’s Blue Sky

  1. Beautiful Clover. Lovely Spring day.

  2. That was a beautiful day! We could use more of them, but we’re back to rain again!

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