She returns

This pileated woodpecker was back to feed, and on a day with better light! Just look at her feet…


6 responses to “She returns

  1. They are incredible birds, great pictures. 🙂

  2. These birds always capture my attention! That red is perfect ‘dressing’:-)

  3. Lately (must be close to spring), she’s started cackling when heading towards the feeder! She’s quite a vision out there in the snow.

  4. I love this! I had a pileated woodpecker that would come each fall and eat the apples on the tree just outside of our bedroom window. I was so sad the first year she (we ID’d her as a female in our bird book) didn’t come back. Lovely photos.

    • I missed seeing our pileated woodpecker this past winter. We’d had to cut down a very old apple tree near our bird feeders, and she never showed up. Or maybe it was just the mild winter we had this year.

      Thanks for reading my posts, Naomi!

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