Nature is so unpredictable!  I’ve had some gorgeous lilies for a few years, Asian variety, some orange, some white.  Years earlier, I planted a couple red lilies, but the bulbs were not good and they never grew.  So imagine my surprise tonight when I  took my camera out to take some photos and I found this surprise.

A Surprise Lily!

A Surprise Lily!

This is my kind of surprise — a welcome one and colorful.

Sun – Rain

We had some gorgeous weather for a few days last week, with lots of sun and warm temperatures and comfortable humidity.    After taking this first photo, I decided I should water the clematis vine later in the day.


The sky looked like — plus the forecast was for — rain.  But sometimes it just passes by.


Saturday night, it did rain, and this next photo is Sunday, after  both watering and all-night rain.  My clematis and I thank Mother Nature!