DSC_1557 106 10-23-14 owl

On a damp, dreary October morning, blue jays were flying around our yard, screaming and squawking their presence.  After a few minutes, my husband found the reason for this behavior — an owl sitting in a hole in one of our apple trees.

DSC_1771 108 10-22-14 owl 2

We identified it as an Eastern Screech Owl (info in link, below) and he spent the day sitting in that opening, sometimes awake, sometimes looking asleep.  If the blue jays came back, which they did frequently, he would go out of sight, into the back of the hole.

DSC_1799 108 10-23-14 owl 3

How fortunate to have nature come  to you!  I didn’t even have to eave the house to photograph this bit of nature.  I might have frightened the own away if I had.


Eastern Screech Owl

Random Thoughts

DSC_0773 102 10-11-14 zinniaWhen I am preforming many of the routine chores around the house, I often find my brain working in mysterious ways. Today, while folding towels, was typical: “What is there to be thankful for about folding these towels?” came to mind.  My theory, after tossing the question around for a while: to be grateful  when someone else grabs the basket and does the job without asking!

Quite often, my thoughts will swing into some problem I’ve been trying to work out, perhaps a starting point for a writing project, or a technique, an idea to some photographic/camera problem I’ve been trying to learn.

Doing these simple chores seems to leave the brain free to roam and find its own choice of topic, sometimes even going back to think on some happy memory from years ago. Contemplating a time of childhood can bring a smile to a face, or perhaps even tears to eyes.

Do you even meditate, whether on purpose or just because it’s something to occur[y the mind, and in the process, work out a problem or find a creative idea for a new project as you are doing the mundane chores we all have to accomplish each day?