Sunset, 9-25-14

We have had some awesome sunsets this week, and I managed to capture this one last night; it’s made whit twelve photos, photo-merged in Photoshop Elements 12.   I was amazed at the results, as I’d not covered the area quite right, but PSE filled in the edges beautifully, leaving me only one small area to fix up!

sunset 9-25-14 12 photos

Fall has Arrived



It is now official:  autumn has arrived with blossoms of “fall crocus” (Colchicum), also known as “naked lady” or “meadow saffron.”  These little flowers are a magical sight this time of year.  Leaves grew in spring, when bulbs such as daffodils and tulips are bursting into bloom.  But nothing happens; the leaves die back unnoticed–until September, when one day, there they are in their bright colors of lavender with bright orange (saffron color) stamens.  Such a welcome surprise at the end of the growing season!

Info: Colchicum