Yellow jewelweed is more common, and very prolific this year; I posted about that earlier.  Finally, we found two patches of orange, loaded with  blooms, and these are my shares for today.

DSC_9216 089 8-30014 orange jwlwd

This first view is with a long lens, across a wet area which is too slippery from recent rain .

DSC_9263 090 8-31-14 2 jewelweed

These two views are more close-up, as one patch decided to grow on the near side of the wet area.  As you can see, they were taken after more rain fell almost all day Sunday!

DSC_9256 090 8-31-14 jewelweed3



Fall Already?

Things are beginning to look like fall is in the air.  We’ve had several rainy days where it rains, stops and is sunny, more rain.  Confusing weather, for sure.  In between the rain one day, I took this photo with my new tablet.

Silver Maple, show some fall color

Silver Maple, show some fall color

 The next day, we were returning from an appointment in Syracuse, NY, and as I took this photo of the threatening sky with my cell phone, it began raining again.

0822141257c clouds -rain 8-22-14

Darkening Sky

Those dark clouds were all around us, very ominous, but luckily this was just a quick shower.  We went through three of them in the twenty five miles or so trip home.

It is too early for fall, summer seems way too short!